We want you to get a taste of what awaits on the horizon, and let you try to imagine what you will discover once you are on our beautiful land in Okeechobee. Sunshine Grove is the name of our beautiful land and it is divided into two main areas The Grove and Moonlight Oasis.TheGroveText

THE GROVE is in the center of the festival grounds, the nucleus of the action, and hosts our three main stages that are nested in the subtropical tree-line. Are you ready to BE, HERE, NOW?!



BE-wondered, BE-whildered, BE-loved, and some times just BE. Come lose your self at the BE stage, a place to celebrate your OkeechobBEing, as your body moves in uncontrollable ways and timeless unforgettable memories are etched permanently in your mind.

HERE, there, and everywhere! What better place to be? Celebrate being present at our magically designed HERE stage, surrendering all your inhibitions and letting go!

The future has yet to come, the past has already gone, the only thing that exists is NOW, and that is why its called The Present. Come surf the cosmic wave of time and celebrate the only thing that exists NOW!


Beyond the tree-line, MOONLIGHT OASIS is a cultural and musical mosaic that unfolds around our lake. This is the magical, mystical land of Jungle 51, Aquachobee Beach & ChobeeWobee Village.


ChobeeWobeeVillageText_WEBBrought to you by Kulturehaus, ChobeeWobee Village is a land of lands, curated to feed the soul; inspire creativity, community, and connectedness; and awaken the festival goers inner weird... welcome to the festival within the festival! ChobeeWobee is a collection of communities all brought together to create a neighborhood to nourish the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga and workshops in the day time, live artists creating works of art right before your eyes and late-night shenanigans that will entertain like you never thought possible! JOIN US!



The Yin to Okeechobee’s yang. This is a place for healing, meditation, reflection on the epic musical moments that we’ve shared, re-centering, yoga and much much more. Yogachobee brings balance to Sunshine Grove and recalibrates our internal compasses so we know where we’re going and where we’ve been.


Get back to the BEACH! Aquachobee is your island vibes wake up call at OMF16! A daytime swimming, hanging and music chill zone in the heart of Moonlight Oasis, Okeechobee. Come by one of our palapas or have a fruity drink in the morning as chill vibes and live music creates the perfect setting for a relaxing afternoon. BYO Towel! Entertainment starts in the morning and breakfast will be served nearby. #VacationVibes


Jungle-51Text_WEBJUNGLE 51

Up late? We’ve got the spot for YOU! Welcome to Jungle 51 a landing spot for the outer reaches of the galaxy. Jungle 51 operates from night until the early morn and has an amazing lineup of techno to keep the dance floor PUMPING until the break of dawn!



The PoWow! is a once-in-a-lifetime collaborative concert between superstar artists and incredible musicians where anything can happen and anyone can walk onstage. Often featuring reimagined, supercharged versions of beloved songs, a PoWow! is the type of show where you have no idea what will happen next, but you do know that it will be unforgettable.


There is an old Greek saying: “hungry bear does not dance”, and we definitely don’t want that to happen. We want all of you to be well fed and dancing with happy faces so we have arranged for some of the tastiest vendors featuring local tastes, organic choices, and comfort food-serving-trucks, carefully selected for your culinary enjoyment. As your soul is stimulated so too should be your taste buds.

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